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Skis in this package are stable skis with a variety of rides. ... Demo Snowboard Top-of-the-line snowboards for any ability level. Find a run on which you are somewhere between completely comfortable and slightly bored. A lightweight construction allows for quick and easy turning, without sacrificing that smooth and balanced feel of a Kastle when you open it up. Rental Pricing & Reservations. This thing grips like a piste ski, but stays floaty and nimble in powder – no terrain is off limits. Complimentary ski rental delivery service available. Get premium Park City ski rentals at one of Aloha Ski & Snowboard's 9 convenient resort locations. All-Terrain Rocker for smooth turning, PowerWall for great edge grip, and Titanal Y-Beam for power and stability. Enjoy! Like its sibling, it's an extremely lightweight ski that is stable, responsive, and offers precise control in varied terrain. Did You Know We Have the Best & Biggest Demo Ski Selection in Winter Park? A lightweight and playful mid-fat that will lock and load when you step on it. With its roots in high-performance powder culture, DPS has pioneered the use of aerospace carbon fiber and a sandwich construction to build skis that are lighter, stronger, and more powerful than conventionally-built skis. The Super Joy is known for friendly handling characteristics and ease of turn initiation. That makes this ski one of our very best for the female skier seeking to raise the bar on her performance. Smooth, balanced, and full of energy from the time you set an edge to the time you unweight. This Item available at Your Primary (first chosen) Location. Hit Utah’s slopes with Christy Sports Ski and Snowboard Rentals. Park City Ski Rental Packages. All-mountain skis range from 80 mm to 90 mm underfoot, and they are designed to go happily anywhere on the mountain. Package includes - Skis, boots and poles. Our rental packages feature the industry’s top brands including Atomic, K2, Rossignol, Volkl and more, and are designed to enable skiers and snowboarders of any ability level to make the most of their time on the mountain. Over 130 Ski Options for the 2020/2021 Season. Building on the success of the VMT and Origin series, the all-new evolv90 provides a finely-tuned balance of energy and dampness – from groomers to powder, and everywhere in between. Lockers. ... Park City. Please choose one of our 5 locations that is most convenient for you. This ski is a short-turn specialist that loves to carve. We look forward to … Park City, UT 84060 We don’t just order skis off the trade show floor or from a manufacturer’s product catalog; if a ski is on our wall, it has gone through our extensive on-snow testing process, and it’s been debated, analyzed, and compared. as sometimes availability is out of our control. learn more visit website. Then test each ski on that same run, in the same way each time. The Ranger 102 FR is loaded with power and stability when engaged. Get Demos and look and ride better! They are narrow underfoot, from 64 mm to 80 mm, so they transition from edge to edge quickly. Stiff, stable, and built for carving, this ski is an absolute blast on the frontside. It bites on hardpack, powers through crud, and feels like it is gaining stability the faster you push it. They’ll dart through short radius turns, hold an edge on hardpack, and float with the best of them in powder. The perfect everyday ski for women who take an opportunistic approach to terrain and snow conditions. This freeride ski is built for big-mountain lines, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find its upper limit. Demo Available at All Stores Walk In Rate With Reservation; Package: $69.00: $55.20: Ski Only: $59.00: $47.20: Boot Only: NA: NA: Poles: NA: NA: Reserve Now. Live Chat. Demo Ski Package is the latest and greatest ski equipment available for the new season. Vertical Metal Technology (VMT) and tip rocker mean rock-solid stability, predictable response, and directional freedom from a ski that rides impressively light and playful. learn more visit website. Contact Us. The Demo skis that Park City Sport carries are top of the line, high performance skis. DPS is about the mystery encountered in a slide across deep snow. With an 86mm platform underfoot, the RC One 86 GT is an ideal anything-goes ski for hard chargers. demo skis find your greatest new skis park city ski rentals utah ski rentals. Shop with confidence as we guarantee that you'll be happy with the condition of the skis we carry. Last time, we lost a … Skis in this package are stable skis with a variety of rides. They are not as forgiving as the performance package as they are meant for aggressive & … Enjoy full service ski and snowboard rental packages, great service and competitive pricing. In between those three pitches, test whatever you like to do – ride switch, butter your turns, roll your ankles for simple carves. From basic beginner skis to the top of the line demo package, we have exactly what you are looking for. A versatile all-mountain ski designed specifically for advanced women skiers – the Vantage 90 Ti W is comfortable on just about any terrain. This is one powder ski that you'll have fun on all day — even after everything's skied out! All mountain, Freestyle, Freeride for both Men and Women are available. ParkCity Sport Ideal for all-mountain skiers who gravitate to the frontside. But the real beauty of this ski lies in its ability to be skied hard with minimal effort. These skis provide the ideal combination of carving prowess and soft-snow functionality for a versatile frontside ski that takes in-bounds skiing to new levels of fun — click in for power, precision, and versatility across the entire mountain! That means energy-efficient skiing at a wide range of speeds. The Stormrider 88 is for the advanced among us. CLICK FOR DETAILS JACKSON'S HIDEAWAY / 5 / 5. Truly enjoy your Park City Experience. This is the complete package for women who want all-mountain versatility without sacrificing performance on the groomers. Wide all-mountain skis range from 90 mm to 100 mm wide underfoot. Jans at Deer Valley Resort, Snow Park Lodge, 142, 156 (Snow Park), 149, 163 (Park Ave), 143, 157 (Snow Park), 150, 164 (Park Ave), 143, 153, 163 (Snow Park), 148, 158 (Park Ave), 162, 168 (Snow Park), 168, 174 (Park Ave), 146, 153 (Snow Park), 153, 160 (Park Ave), 154, 168, 175 (Snow Park), 161, 175, 182 (Park Ave), 149, 157 (Snow Park), 157, 165 (Park Ave), 169, 176 (Snow Park), 176, 184 (Park Ave), 153, 161 (Snow Park), 161, 169 (Park Ave), 167, 174 (Snow Park), 174, 181 (Park Ave), 161, 175 (Snow Park), 168, 182 (Park Ave), 145, 152 (Snow Park), 152, 159 (Park Ave), 162, 171 (Snow Park), 171, 180 (Park Ave), 163, 170 (Snow Park), 170, 177 (Park Ave), 149, 156 (Snow Park), 156, 163 (Park Ave), 173, 180 (Snow Park), 180, 187 (Park Ave), 160, 168 (Snow Park), 168, 176 (Park Ave), 144, 152 (Snow Park), 152, 160 (Park Ave), 151, 158 (Snow Park), 158, 165 (Park Ave), 165, 172 (Snow Park), 172, 179 (Park Ave), 166, 175 (Snow Park), 175, 184 (Park Ave), 152, 160 (Snow Park), 160, 168 (Park Ave), 175, 182 (Snow Park), 168, 175 (Park Ave), 147, 154 (Snow Park), 154, 161 (Park Ave), 156, 164 (Snow Park), 164, 172 (Park Ave), 169, 177 (Snow Park), 177, 185 (Park Ave), 170, 177 (Snow Park), 177, 184 (Park Ave), 164, 172 (Snow Park), 172, 180 (Park Ave). This highly versatile all-mountain ski uses BAFATEX in the tip and tail for reduced swing weight and quicker steering. Skis in this package are stable skis with a variety of rides. Stockli’s renowned sandwich sidewall construction lays the foundation for an all-mountain ski with almost no limitations. Please choose one of our 5 locations that is most convenient for you. Varied shapes, sizes, and colors to please the most advanced skiers and make a novice look like a pro. Below is our current Test Program fleet. Offering an ultra-stable ride while locked into the turn, this ski has a smooth and predictable flex pattern that lets you finish every turn with authority. A versatile waist width is paired with TNT Rocker for a powder-ready ski that remains impressively forgiving on piste. Designed to keep up with the modern all-mountain skier, the Kenja is at home across a wide range of terrain and snow conditions. Aloha Ski and Snowboard has 9 locations in Park City, so we are always nearby. The ultimate ski and snowboard rental at Park City Resort. This is one powder ski that you'll have fun on all day — even after everything's skied out. Light, responsive, and just plain fun. Locations in Park City. The Demo skis that Park City Sport carries are top of the line, high performance skis. Or, are you testing three all-mountain skis against each other to find out which one you like best? PARK CITY - SKI DEMO & RENTALS 355 Main Street Park City, UT 84060. They’re narrow enough to carve and behave beautifully on the groomed runs, but wide enough in the waist to provide some floatation for those stashes of powder you find a day or two after a storm. The KORE 87 W is super lightweight, playful across the whole mountain, and yet somehow unfazed by speed. Customer Care Hours: Mon - Fri, 8am - 6pm MST. The service - coming to your condo - can't be beat, and the prices and quality of the skis are great too. Book Package More Info. This Stormrider is for the skiers who will go anywhere and send anything. Demo Package – $49/day $39.20/day with online reservation. The new family of Mindbenders have improved edge grip for groomed conditions, while offering the same off-piste prowess you expect from K2. Choose the latest and greatest for any level of rider. November 2020; January 2020; October 2017; December 2016; November 2016; December 2014; November 2014; It delivers max power and control on groomers without losing feel and finesse in the soft stuff. Take the V82, optimize the core for women, and you have the V82w — an elite all-mountain carver that balances power and stability with forgiving versatility. RESERVE NOW ABOUT THE SHOP. Varied shapes, sizes, and colors to please the most advanced skiers and make a novice look like a pro. Park City Ski and Snowboard Rentals - Winter Sports Shop Skiing and snowboarding on some of the most amazing snow in the world requires having specific equipment. This ski is easy at slow speeds, yet plenty lively when you jump on it. Revolutionary Graphene makes for a super light feel. K2's Dark Matter Damping construction provides elite edge grip and control through the entire turn. This is a go-anywhere ski for a broad range of skiing abilities. Save 20% in store when you book online in advance! 1 - 3 Legacy Sports. A capable, incredibly fun frontside ski for aggressive skiers! Demo one of the latest boards from RIDE, K2, BURTON, ROME, SALOMON or ROSSI! About The Shop. High-performance demo snowboard utilizing the latest technology. We look forward to … Find countless lodging options - from premium ski-in/ski-out to a variety of family friendly options. The M5 Mantra takes hard-charging, all-mountain performance to new levels. Almost all have rocker (early rise in the tips) to help the skis float in the deep snow, and to make them easier to turn. Quick and precise across the full range of terrain and snow conditions, the 90Ti will definitely bend your mind!

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