ham brine recipe

This brine makes enough for one leg of ham and the sides (short bacon) from one whole pig (if you recall from my last post, we used the meatier half of the sides of two pigs for roasts, and the other half for bacon). We’ve also started selling at local stores and restaurants. Or maybe less salt in the brine ? (Remember if you’re using more than 7 pounds of pork, you’ll need to adjust everything in this recipe accordingly — including the water. Subscribe to my Farmish Kind of Life podcast at iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, PlayerFM, or other popular podcast players. I’d rather not cook the meat until we intend to eat it. Make the brine: Place the coarse salt, sugar, pickling spice, curing salt, and 3 quarts hot water in a … Let me know thanks. The purpose of the red dye is simply to make it look different from regular table salt which it could otherwise be easily confused with. Yes to both. Watch out for turds. If you would like to use any of them, please ask me by email. Thank you soooooooooo much for your website! I was thinking of using one of the hypodermic needles that I use to give my horse injections. You mentioned changing the brine solution. Too much of a possibly good thing. If freezing or Smoking then why Brine it ?Or do you do this just to cook it after the Brine mix soak /Confused & ignorant ,James. We then bake it at 325°F which is about 160°C until the internal temperature of the meat reaches about 145°F† (65°C). Don't use too sharp a pencil. Also lucky at cards. The first will be my initial trial cabinet sized smoker and then eventually the final smoker will be room size. Finally snap the lid on and place the bucket in a cool place (38F to 44F is good) for four days to a week depending on how salty you like your meat. Rather I spice to taste. Brrr…. Where do you buy? Hi there! I buy powdered ascorbic acid at a bulk food store or you can crush some vitamin c pills. Let me be more specific: Sodium Nitrate is a poison. I have tried this ham recipe and love it. The brine will improve the ham taste and quality of the flavor and texture. Brining is a form of wet curing. Up here in Saskatchewan, Canada I’ve been lucky and instead of a frigid winter of -13F, it’s been hovering (and supposed to stay that way) around 20F which makes our front porch a perfect 40F to keep the meat. Thanks Aidan (UK). In brining, plastic pails are important. If you're under 13 realize that animal sex does get discussed on this site - we're a farm. The purpose of the brine is to make the ham and the solution inhospitable to bacteria. I just put a ham in a molasses and beer “cure” for 21 days. Update 2017-12-23: Over the last year I’ve been experimenting with celery powder. Mix all ingredients with 6 quarts cold water in a large plastic bucket or container; stir until sea salt and sugar dissolve. Okay. If you enjoy my blog please do me the favor of making links to articles you enjoy and to my blog's main page at, I'm happy to answer questions in comments. Wiki might help. They are easy to sterilize with a bleach wash, have snap on lids with gaskets that make a good seal and the plastic does not corrode with the lengthy contact with the salts in the brining solution. To make it more interesting the NSA is probably watching as may well be other agencies of various governments and corporations. If the ham isn’t smoked or baked after brining, it’s still technically raw. If I do a 4 day brine to enhance the flavor of the meat, do you think I should leave the salt out of the rub? Add the cold brine to the pork, and lay a heavy plate on top of the floating meat to keep it submerged. I'm thinking that they trim the fat to get more brine to saturate the meat, however it would seem that when smoking it the fat would be beneficial for moisture and flavor. Can I brine them in my refrigerator, then freeze the ham/bacon for later use or /fry it right away? Our family raises pigs on pasture in the mountains of Vermont and delivers weekly to stores, restaurants and individuals. Optionally you can then smoke if you like. Is it one giant chunk that’s 18 lbs? Fill your turkey fryer with the peanut oil. Brining is a process of soaking meat, so it requires enough liquid to submerge your deer ham. The modern way of doing hams and bacon is to send it out to a smoke house where they’ll cure it for you in their massive electric cooler and then smoke it, preferably with maple syrup. Mix cure with cold water. (Don’t want to read all the words? Hello, A very nice web site. I will require appropriate payment. Then to smoke do I just lay slices on grates not over lapping? Yes, the pink is from the nitrates and since we don’t use them we don’t get that pinking. I’d hate for the meat to end up too salty. Somebody really understands what a camera does. If you are unwilling to take these risks for yourself and your family, don’t do it. One of the great things about raising your own pigs is having a full freezer after hog butchering is done. Thanks for the great ideas with traditional and sustainable foods. In the winter it warms the ground and melts the snows around it for a long distance in all but the harshest weather. You can get special syringes for doing this and they are worth having. I know you have another recipe for bacon but is it possible to use a belly with the ham recipe minus the pickling spice? I like to add white wine, soy sauce, and various herbs and spices. After choosing a pork roast (or several!) When your hams are finished brining, do you rinse them before cooking? But I don’t have one. Someday I would like to learn to smoke and my son wants to learn to smoke too. The “Real Winters” drove the frost right through our old farmhouse walls along the nails and rimed all of the windows. Brined means more salt so you want a lower temperature. When I smoke the hams, I actually slow cook and smoke them at the same time, thus ensuring no trouble from botulism.Paula in Alaska. All this was already frozen when we got them. Perhaps someday I’ll experiment with smoking but that is for another year. You may want to change the brine after a week. I brined a bone in pork shoulder just under 7# It was only pink on the outer 2/3s Still grey inside. That is how it cures the meat and kills bacteria to prevent botulism. I am going to give your recipe a whirl.

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