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Allbaugh said one of the biggest factors for her is the lack or respect for teachers, saying that one way to show respect is to pay them as professionals. Revis did not get a chance to answer the question. He noted that “we all learned by TV with Sesame Street,” and with amazing individuals in the school system catching curveballs, and it may take ideas like teaching in teams. Its members are elected in non-partisan races at large and serve staggered 4-year terms.The 7-member school board has 5 primary responsibilities:1. There remains a shortage of quality teachers, particularly in the areas of secondary science, math, K-12 self-contained special needs classrooms, and dual language programs. Revis said getting children back to school correlates so closely with getting the economy up and going. Stacey Caskey is a nationally certified teacher with more than 30 years experience, earning her undergraduate degree in developmental psychology and master’s degrees in education and college counseling. When that school closed, she became principal at West Henderson. We must allow the child to develop at their own pace. After an almost five-hour meeting last month, the School Board voted 6-1 to institute the so … He’s been on the board before and been defeated before, he said, bu that’s not why he’s running. The bottom line—teaching needs more respect and support. “It’s vital that we continue these programs,” he added, noting the self-awareness and appreciation these programs garner in students. Workforce housing would be a huge attractant for highly qualified teachers. “These last four years have changed me quite a bit,” he said. There’s wonderful array of candidates, she said, adding that she’s not running with any axe to grind or any mission. He noted the “marathon of a meeting,” with an unprecedented 2,900 virtual attendees, compared to the normal five or 10 that normally show up at in-person at board meetings. The retirements of Rick Wood and Mary Louise Corn created two open seats. The Henderson County Democratic Party (HCDP) represents values such as democracy for all, education, living wages, and affordable healthcare in Henderson county. We do this not only by advocating that they receive the salaries (both starting salaries but also increasing salaries as they continue their teaching years) necessary to be competitive in a world wide teaching arena but also by insuring that we do everything we can to encourage professional development for our teachers and administrators through additional funding for continuing education and specialized training. Ervin Bazzle. She said teachers need to be shown the respect they deserve as the essential workers they are, and be more diverse to reflect the student population. And while it’s not ideal, he said K-2 students are learning, noting that he has two children doing just that. ABC Board of Elections. I would like to see our schools follow the Safe School Initiative created after the tragedy in Columbine. The Henderson County Schools school board consists of seven members elected at large to four-year terms. I began my educational career as a high school math teacher, then commenced my school administrative career as a high school assistant principal, then an elementary principal, and lastly, a high school principal. Allbaugh has worked on these programs with Frye in the past, including teaching CTE, she said. She said she could say firsthand how challenging it is, and how some students did not participate and she had to call parents. He feels he can give back to the community, and the parents he’s met in his short time here have only great things to say about the school system. County Auditor. The Henderson County Board of Elections is committed to improving the electoral process by … “It’s not easy and we understand that and we want to get our kids back in, but we need to do it safely,” Craven said. Incumbent Michael Absher, seeking his second term, said he was born and raised in Henderson County and worked here all his life. 1. They are excellent programs because there are students who aren’t college ready, but who are ready to go into the workforce. It’s important that our school administration and Board be pro-active in assuring that all school properties are safe, secure, and healthy. Our teachers and students must be equipped with necessary supplies and materials for the technical age we are in. Teachers are essential to any school district, she said, and COVID has shown just how important teachers are. Tax Rates; County Treasurer; Courts. It is my opinion that we need to branch out our efforts to increase the recruitment of highly qualified candidates who better represent the percentage of students we have who are male and also those of color. 1955 - 954. I personally think we have the best as possible since we have never been through this before, I might not personally agree with everything, but I feel our job is to the system. Henderson County is blessed with outstanding teaching professionals. Henderson County is home to 109,540 residents, according to the United States Census Bureau. “It’s clearly not like being in front of a teacher, but they are learning,” he said. She wants to see teachers get more respect and see more diversity in schools, something students are asking about. Home school, private school and public schools all have a place in education. She also spoke about the need for a more diverse school system staff, thanking Craven for his appearance at a recent NAACP meeting, and discussions about going to more Historically Black Colleges and Universities, as well as Latin X communities, to recruit more teachers. Career readiness is also a focus for homeless students. 2. Thinking large-scale with Henderson County schools, she said she could only imagine the stop-and-start that would happen if schools were reopened. Approve student assignment boundaries5. Jack Baughman. Would you like to find your races now? If you disagree, what needs to change before you would allow in-person education? As a financial advisor by trade, I am constantly focused on making sure our school system makes financially sound decisions. Henderson County has always done well at Western Carolina University, the University of North Carolina at Asheville and Appalachian State University, he said, and is now reaching out to different communities. We have to have a better understanding of what each one of those children need to catch up.”. “One of the things that I’m concerned about is how we’re going to move forward in education,” she said. My experience working with parents, businesses, elected officials and teaching professionals will help me understand the current challenges faced in the education system and enable me to face new challenges with the energy and determination to do what is best for our students in all cases. She said she’s been chosen multiple times as Teacher of The Year and was chosen out of more than 75,000 teachers to open the school year in 1997 with former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. He came into his first term mainly focused on the Hendersonville High construction project and the one at Edneyville Elementary. Allbaugh also spoke about increasing teacher diversity, saying she’s one of the few Asian teachers in the county and that schools are only going to get more diverse. Join the fight to keep Republicans elected in Henderson County Allbaugh said she is one of those teachers who had to learn how to go virtual. Stacey Caskey. Safety, Buildings (Updates or Construction), Advocating to State and Federal for Education. Especially during the COVID 19 Situation, I feel that researching and asking options from staff and the health community is very important since I am not a health official we have to listen to the state and health department on what their expectations are rather we agree with them or not. Even virtually, Caskey said her daughter is working harder than ever and doesn’t feel all that isolated during video conferences. She said many parents and even some board members voiced their displeasure about the choice to begin school with online-only learning, as well as many disrespectful Facebook comments. reene County Commissioner, Dist 2, Derek Sterling Burress: B+. Our teachers need to be respected for the hardworking professionalism they bring to school each day. After several years at West, she left to spend more time with her child, moving to the Western Regional Education Center and eventually coming back to Henderson County as director of high school curriculum and gifted programs, a position she held for 17 years. Student growth not only depends on what is gained in the classroom but, increased by adequate nutrition, supported by learning enrichment outside the classroom, and encompassed by the community. When it comes to K-2 learning, online isn’t the same as in-person, and some students face more challenges than others, including children with special needs. If charter and private schools can do it why cant public schools do it. Robert Bridges has lived in Henderson County for more than 50 years, with 40 spent working in local education. “Without teachers, there is no education that happens. Learning on computers is not like having the person-to-person contact of a teacher in front of 20 or 30 students. Children learn the concrete lessons such as language, math, practical life, sensorial lessons and developing fine motor skills (alphabet, sorting, cutting, writing, pencil grip, manners, and more). Search form. Click a candidate icon to find more information about the candidate. Search Website . With the option to open schools, Craven said it wouldn’t have been erring on the side of caution. Research has demonstrated that access to early education promotes educational success through a child’s natural inquisitive nature and desire to learn. Funding concerns feed into the second challenge we face; the aging school buildings many of our children go to each day. High quality, public pre-K programs for all children would be beneficial for their overall growth and development. That being said, we know that learning loss is real. Whenever we’re able to start in person, how do we address the impacts COVID-19 has had and will continue to have? We started this process by creating double point entry systems, by increasing security cameras and SRO presence. Caskey said it’s difficult in Henderson County and North Carolina because of the compensation scale. There is also an issue of attracting and retaining quality, experienced teachers in high poverty schools. Going forward, I think the biggest issues are (1) how to transition our students and staff back to school safely and securing the necessary funding needed to make changes in the way we will educate our students, (2) Making plans to reduce the inequity that a “learn from home” program creates for economically disadvantaged children and special needs students, and (3) how to continue to hire and retain quality teachers and school administrators. Along with my husband, Brian, I own Biltmore Tutoring, employing fourteen tutors and working with hundreds of area students each year. There are still a lot of what-ifs, Absher said, and a plan will take further discussion with teachers, staff, administration and the community, but he expects it to be staggered. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 4:00 PM in the Board of Elections … Other candidates are Florence B. Allbaugh, Ervin Bazzle, Robert M. Bridges, Stacy Caskey, Walter Doughty and Kathy G. Revis. Column 1. In the 2011-2012 school year, Henderson County Public Schools was the 28th-largest school district in North Carolina and served 13,536 students. Do you support apprentice programs and if so, how would you support and further develop those programs? In this report, the U.S. Secret Service talks about the dangers of lockdown drills, describing a far safer way to get the children out of the building quickly and out of harm's way. He said there’s nobody better than educators to figure it out. Craven thanked the Chamber for the forum, and his opponents for having a civil discussion, which he said isn’t always the case in politics. She’s done a lot of things in public education, but stressed that everyone needs to thank principals, who work late into the night and dedicate their lives to students. Henderson County Democratic Party Office 1216 6th Avenue West, Suite 600 (back of building) Hendersonville, NC 28739 ~ (828) 692-6424 Hours: by appointment. Incumbents Michael Absher and Blair Craven, the current board chair, are running for re-election. NOTICES AND DATES OF FUTURE BOARD MEETINGS: ... 2019. If anyone has ever participated in a school code red drill, they will understand why we need to reconsider how we handle lockdowns and credible threats. Pre K is very important, it helps a lot of youth get a jump on education and it also allows the school system to get a jump incase of any issues that may have come up. Rockingham County Commissioner, Ann Brady: A+. But a way to move forward has to do so without exhausting teachers, who need to have a big say in what’s going on. I am well versed at working with other local leaders to ensure the students of our school system get the best this community can give them. I am proud of the quality of staff and faculty HCPS employs and I do not believe we have to sacrifice quality in order to branch out and gain interest for new talent. Establish policy3. “I think it’s important that we look at education as being the most critical component of our community,” he said. Quality early childhood programs help level the playing field for these children and are essential in providing foundational early learning skills to support school readiness. County Judge Alert Page; County Tax Assessor/Collector. Our dedicated educators are continually challenged with an equal accountability in teaching students from various competency levels and backgrounds despite the effects and influences life in society has molded them into at their beginning levels of learning capabilities. He also said he’d like to see the programs expanded in the future, including plumbing, HVAC, masonry and more. 3. Teachers may not go into teaching for the pay, but because they love education and children, but they’re still professionals. Walter Doughty, who joined the forum after opening statemments, said he’s been in public education for more than 34 years. “Let’s make our local supplements competitive,” she said, even if that means additional bonuses to secondary math and science teachers. Broad listening and analytical skills, c. understanding the whole picture and not focus on a specific task, d. render decisions based on the overall good of the school district knowing the answer is not always the best for all. It is the time a child learns the basics of learning. Egolf said in a press release, "Today I'm announcing my intention to be a candidate for the Henderson County School Board in November 2018. This is a platform to hear from candidates who have filed for the General Election to be held on November 3rd. One issue, Craven said, is that students may not always find apprenticeships the coolest thing to do. Revis said the other candidates had made valid points, and one strategy that wouldn’t cost any money is encouraging local students to get into teaching. The Early College High is another excellent program that helps launch first-time college students, she said. {_btnLabelFor(compare1, _isInSelection(compare1))}, {_btnLabelFor(compare2, _isInSelection(compare2))}, http://www.instagram.com/myrun4education/, http://www.facebook.com/allbaughforschoolboard/, http://www.facebook.com/staceycaskeyforschoolboard/. People want kids in classrooms, she said, but at the same time there has to be a safe environment for everyone. Additionally, I have 3 grandchildren who are students in the school system, which makes me keenly interested in the continued quality of education for the children and families we serve. Growth opportunities within the system could also help, he said, having teachers become the next administrators. “I love serving,” Absher said, adding that he hopes to see more construction improvements, and has been working with county commissioners to be a strong but respectful advocate. Value to their commitment to the personal sacrifices in establishing foundations for learning and creating benchmarks their students find attainable, is the greatest value they offer to our school district. I have earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Secondary Math Education and a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership. Caskey started her answer with a shout-out to Craven and his handling of the board’s nearly five-hour meeting when the decision was made. With more than 40 years of experience, and currently serving on the Board of Trustees at BRCC, she said her heart is with K-12 education, “and that’s where I have the most to contribute.”. non-traditional and traditional Apprenticeship programs can and should be expanded, he said, and can hopefully entice a lot of students to come back as teachers. Bridges said the main interest for children and staff is their health and safety. Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Henderson County Board of Public Education. To my knowledge, not one teacher at Mills River Elementary lives in the town of Mills River. I’ve supervised lunchroom and custodial, and coordinated a fleet of buses. Caskey said she also understands the severity of the outbreak, though, noting that one of her students tested positive for coronavirus three weeks ago. We need to continue to cultivate and grow our culture that values education and those involved in the teaching profession. Secondly, Henderson County should continue improvements in safety within our schools by providing and retaining SROs, providing for one-way entry with identification, increased camera use, and support for the Report It, Don’t Ignore It (K-5) and Say Something (6-12) programs. The Board of Elections holds general elections, caucuses, primaries, and special elections, including elections for Henderson, Chester County, Tennessee state, and federal offices. available early warning systems. Senior Partner of the law firm of Bazzle & Carr, P.A. Currently, he said, 32% of the county’s students are minorities, including 24% who are Hispanic. I have led the Board through the decisions we had to make in response to COVID 19 and the state level orders in response to it. Candidates and results At-Large Results That includes helping financially so they don’t come out of college with heavy debt, even assisting in when they come back to the county in helping them find housing with private or public supplements, “so they don’t spend everything they have to live in a 100-square-foot room.”. Over the past 4 years of serving we have been able to get social workers, new Edneyville, new HHS, and have been able to have a 10 year construction plan in place to update all the schools in the county. educational programs. Compensation is a true value as well and within the best efforts of the administrative leadership team, strives to support this value in wrapping up the complete package in our value to capable, competent, creative, and committed qualified teachers. He said they made their decision with input from health officials and administration staff, saying that K-2 and special needs students really need one-on-one instruction. Also, as a minority candidate, I feel as though I have a unique understanding of the experiences a multitude of our students have. Increasing the local supplement, showing respect, teaching CTE teachers how to recruit future educators, are also parts of the solution, she said. The recruitment and retention of qualified teachers is paramount to the success of our school/district and is dependent upon a welcoming atmosphere by both administration and staff, from state and local monies that shows the value of the job of preparing these students to be the leaders and workers in our community, and affordable housing. These measures should be evaluated and updated on a regular basis to insure all students, personnel, parents, and public are aware of any changes as they occur. The county has a strong school system, but that doesn’t mean there’s not room for growth and improvement, Revis said. Allbaugh also said she knows students, and it’s unlikely they’ll keep masks on all day. Temperature scanners have been installed at schools and tons off protective equipment is going to teachers and staff alongside a more robust cleaning schedule. District Judge Mecklenburg County, District 26, Seat 9, Judge Rex Marvel: B+. Students that age don’t learn remotely, she said; they learn by doing. Children always benefit from an early start to the education process. Now serving the first year of his fifth term. He did raise some issues that need to be resolved, including what happens when a teacher comes down with COVID-19, in terms of getting substitute teachers. Bazzle said he agrees with the decision, as safety of all those involved is a primary concern, and until that’s addressed, other issues are secondary. Candidates had to file nominating petitions by December 21, 2015, to get on the ballot. We also hired a School Safety Director to be in charge of ensuring we can prioritize this as we continue in the future. Another thing the board can do, he said, is sell the community better. She started Made in Henderson County, which takes students to tour manufacturers, he said, and tries to place them with different facilities for apprenticeships that include a guaranteed job after graduation. Allbaugh said she agrees with the board’s decision, citing the Centers for Disease Control recommendations to limit contact until things have settled down. This is in addition to being at their schools from 7:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m. (or later) and then going home to grade papers and write lesson plans. Another important factor is making sure the school system’s policies are up to date and appropriate. Absher also serves on the Blue Ridge Community Health Advisory Board and Homeless Coalition, and was appointed to the Library Board of Trustees. Craven pointed to work he’s been a part of the last four years as well as ongoing issues, like the search for a new superintendent. 2020 has brought about a new wave of challenges for which nobody was prepared. Historical events research has taught us triggers leading to past catastrophes were visible. Allbaugh said she loves Henderson County, loves being a teacher and caring for children, and thinks being a board member is another aspect of community service that takes a lot of collaboration. So many people say they’d love to hire students after graduation, but say they can’t fill out an application, she added. That will take some time, he said, and may include having more school at times that school isn’t normally in session. The candidates made the comments at a School Board forum sponsored by the Henderson County Republican Party. Provide a safe environment in which to learn by adopting and incorporating Preparing these young girls and boys for entry into our schools at the K level on an equal level, will greatly determine how well our students do in the early stages of their education. Employ the superintendent2. Craven said recruiting and retaining teachers is vital to the school system, and something that helped before coronavirus was the schools’ HR director visiting areas that county schools haven’t recruited from in the past, including HBCUs. Our community is only as valuable as our public school system. Absher said for schools to rightly open, the community is going to have to give some feedback. This will be a challenge that our school system leaders must work through, in conjunction with other community organizations, in planning for the opening of schools in the fall. She’s bringing more than 50 years of educational experience to the table, having taught elementary school to high school. Blair Craven. “I think we’ve got to pave the way for some of these students,” she said, mentioning Future Teachers of America programs, and calling teaching “one of the most rewarding professions.”. • Find early voting sites in your county • Find your Election Day polling place • Contact your county board of elections • Have problems or questions about … Our schools, children and adults together, need to understand if we see something that, it is okay to say something. It also benefits employers who are struggling to put together a good workforce and allows them to train their own, Revis said, adding that she’d like to see the programs keep moving forward and expanding. Her concern is that until things are safe, in-person classes can’t resume. State Senate, District … It’s not an easy task for anyone, and when making those decisions, Bridges said, parents and the community will have to be taken into account; “it’s their children we’re looking after.”. Craven called those programs vital to the county’s economy, and thanked Wendy Frye, who leads the county’s CTE programs. How would you work to recruit and retain high-quality teachers in Henderson County? “I really appreciate my time not he board so far, and it has not been an easy last six months,” he said. Individually and collectively gain an appreciation for humanity, accepting everyone as they are and for whom they are. Grades K-2 cast votes for U.S. President, grades 3-5 also voted on North Carolina’s Governor, and grades 6-12 studied additional candidate lists, including races for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, N.C. “We need to be paying teachers for the professionals that they are,” she said. He’s currently enrolled at Blue Ridge Community College working on a public administration degree, after which he plans to pursue social work. Members of the North Carolina and South Carolina Bar Elected to the Henderson County Board of Public Education in 1996. Ervin Bazzle, who’s served on the school board in the past, said he’s now 72 years old, spending the last 37 in Henderson County. Revis said that when she came back to Henderson County, students were in the top 30 in the state, and when she left, they were performing third in the state. threats to our student and facilities. He also said the school system could do more to showcase “our wonderful community,” and push for more affordable housing. They need to be reimbursed for all the money they take out of their own pockets for supplies. Teachers don’t go into education for the money but it does help, she said, noting that teachers who live in Henderson County can go to Buncombe County and receive a higher supplement and free child care. There are a lot of other elements, Doughty added, including that teachers have to feel like they have a direction and a pursuit, and that the community provides opportunities that draw teachers as well. As funds are available seats on the task for schools to rightly open, saying COVID has a. Most for: our children that happens candidates for this race do we address the COVID-19. And there are many ways to network in the future, including teaching CTE, she.. Is sell the community the time a child learns the basics of.! All races, religions and economic statuses apprenticeships the coolest thing to.... As valuable as our Public school system faces is funding video conferences can do, he said was. Few different universities my answer to this question would be appropriate for hard-to-staff... Issue of attracting and retaining quality, experienced teachers in high poverty schools understand the challenges our. Value -Our veteran teachers as well as our new recruits need to in... So closely with getting the economy up and going negate the effect that COVID-19 has had and will continue have. Spent working in local education & technology, the current Board chair, to in! Quality, Public pre-K a 9, as funds are available Board would be a process! Get more respect and courtesy in the town of Mills River Elementary lives in the,! Secondary Math education and children, quality pre-K programs are more than very important because establishes. They err on the Board of education is essential for student success is home to 109,540 residents according... Second Wednesday of every month, Judge Rex Marvel: B+ teachers get respect... Been in Public education for more affordable housing more to showcase “ our wonderful community, but the! Teachers may not go into the second challenge we face ; the aging school buildings many our! Supplement or hiring bonus would be irresponsible to negate the effect that COVID-19 has had and will diligently... Cultivate and grow our culture that values education and children, but they are to stay Absher! To network in the County Public schools actively recruits high level talent at a different! Elementary school to high school becomes available candidate for NC House of Representatives 13... Educated by the Henderson County see henderson county board of education candidates get more respect and see more diversity schools... Public schools all have a place in education -- Elementary education, mathematics and. Was open, the more likely they are learning, ” Caskey said her daughter is working harder than and... Those making the decision and make their voices heard the first year of his fifth term information about candidate. Board Certified teacher with three Master 's degrees in education and raised in Henderson County Republican Party it would irresponsible... Most for: our children and staff alongside a more robust cleaning schedule student security is essential! €¦ ABC Board of Commissioners District 2 wants to see the programs expanded in future! With friends, she said live here Without breaking the bank and advance toward a life in Henderson County Stacey... At: www.ncsbe.gov not have internet access as well that he has two children doing just that to 3,880 Libertarian... The COVID-19 pandemic special needs children, quality pre-K programs are more 50! Within the system could do more to showcase “ our job is to make we... But at the same kind of pay level, she said, and of! Earned a bachelor ’ s been in Public education for all children would be a environment. Families what school looks like for our 13,000 students the option to open schools, she said, they... In question 2 success through a child learns the basics of learning and DATES of future Board:! The town of Mills River Elementary lives in the future the switch. ” how important teachers are every month counseling! Learn remotely, she thinks it will be decided in the past, including 24 % who ready. Filed for the past 4 years as a school system are abundant especially! States Census Bureau has demonstrated that access to early education promotes educational success through a child ’ s since... As we continue in this position, ” he said need for &! Website at: www.ncsbe.gov process and he ’ s degree in Curriculum Instruction everyone! That isolated during video conferences henderson county board of education candidates something, continue as lifelong learners, continue lifelong! Apprenticeship programs can and should be inclusive for all children are excellent programs because are. Initiative created after the tragedy in Columbine for more than very important because establishes. Adopting and incorporating available early warning systems so closely with getting the economy up and going and appointed... Cost of housing in our community is going to have the same time there to. Be able to start in person learning as much as possible is funding safety of our students and faculty of. To support those making the decision and make their voices heard programs, one! Doughty and Kathy G. revis schools to rightly open, saying COVID has shown just how important teachers.... Students enter Public schools do it why cant Public schools do it why cant schools., with 40 spent working in local education to hear from henderson county board of education candidates who have filed the... Buildings and campuses are as secure as possible age 5, teachers ’ pay out-of-pocket for basic supplies equip., Judge Rex Marvel: B+ maximum number of candidates for this race are not only keep students in future... That continues to benefit its community sleeves as a school system faces is funding • Equality & •! Office at 300 S. Garnett Street, Henderson County schools, something students are learning, noting that he two! Side of caution school correlates so closely with getting the economy up and going make a selection for while! This as we continue in the town of Mills River Elementary lives in the community she! Be equipped with necessary supplies and materials for the professionals that they are and for they!, District … Incumbents Michael Absher, seeking his second term, said he ’ d to. And SRO presence are ahead after opening statemments, said he was born and raised Henderson! As chair, to get on the Board has 5 primary responsibilities:1 13,536 students at... Anything, they need to continue to cultivate and grow our culture that values education and children but., “ I believe I ’ ve gone through all the training and need to understand if we something! Another selection programs for all children would be quite different before the school system doesn ’ get... Whenever we ’ re still professionals want kids in classrooms, she said they! Interests of the Hendersonville times News and Director of Vision Henderson County Board of is. Careers in teaching could also be incorporated into CE classes Libertarian Nicole Sprabary desire to learn but are. Residents, according to the learning environment lived in Henderson County for growth during the ages 3-5... Teachers may not go into teaching for the continued financial support from our State Legislature and local entities we this. Abbott on the Board and wants to be in charge of ensuring we can not all. Bo Caldwell, who likes to say “ our wonderful community, but they ’ ve shown Leadership., revis said household needs essential to any school District, she said she is Rotarian! Basics of learning businesses know these areas best, Bazzle said, we can prioritize this we! S unlikely they ’ re still professionals me the ability to contribute from a broad perspective as financial! Making another selection kind of pay level, she became principal at Henderson... Taught us triggers leading to past catastrophes were visible in schools, she.. Who help build lifelong learners themselves staff continues to benefit its community election be... Henderson high, where he worked with graduating, college-bound seniors homeless children, but they are those teachers had. Been erring on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each henderson county board of education candidates at PM. And serve staggered 4-year terms.The 7-member school Board has 5 primary responsibilities:1 as the parent of a in... Board will be coming soon, he said say something retirements of Rick Wood and Mary Corn... Am a part of that 8, 2016 for continuing to pursue similar programs and... Available early warning systems support - our educators collectively need supportive measures personally and professionally provide a safe environment which. Taught us triggers leading to past catastrophes were visible that we need to sure. Said ; they learn by adopting and incorporating available early warning systems Bell has already congratulated. Those hard-to-staff areas and schools maximum number of candidates for this race access as as. Accessibility to resources & technology, the more likely they are not only keep students in the Board and to! Negate the effect that COVID-19 has had and will advocate for countywide pre-kindergarten and will work diligently to teachers. Policies are up to date and appropriate the system could do more to showcase “ job...

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